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Passion by D goes to #Creativo!

Passion by D goes to #Creativo! As spring has fully entered its rights for some time and the sun shines more often and with more power than ever before, the events began to make its appearance. So we participated in the #Creativo, organized by the Ilbah workshops. Here we are on 14 April in a very nice location in the old #ARCUB Center.

I had the pleasure to be invited to the conference as a the former student of the school courses Ilbah and current entrepreneur in fashion. The name of the conference : Victory loves preparation-the first steps of entrepreneurship in fashion. Their idea was “to tell future entrepreneurs about the experiences we’ve been through in our brand evolution”.

The event was conceived in an urban spirit. To blend passionate fashion, experienced fashion designers, stylists and those who can help them put their dream into practice. All of these in order to teach them start a business from this passion.

Saturday morning was a hectic because I had to pick a few dresses from the last collection SkinCode. This collection could be admired at ARCUB, at the location of the event. You realize what a difficult decision to choose only three pieces that will represent the whole brand!

You have already read the story of the brand in the first article published on the blog. Therefore you know that it all started from my passion. For this reason, the organizers of the course have considerate I would be a perfect candidate to tell stories about it. I had the chance to talk about the development of the brand and to provide advice to those who dream of a career started out of passion.

The audience was large, the conference lasted about two and a half hours. Finally it carried out a series of Q & A for the designers on the stage. I was invited to join other colleagues in the business. Some at the very beginning, others with experience in the business. But all of us feeling the same towards fashion design.

The participants at the Conference expressed interest in our story mostly about the fresh experience of the Coterie Fair in New York. I have tried to give as many details to the curious of this subject. I have not had the opportunity to ask anyone about the feedback and I think it would be good to have some answers in advance.

PassionbyD goes to #Creativo!Many other subjects were followed with enthusiasm. I have responded with pleasure to the questions asked by the audience. Of course I encouraged them to follow their dreams with confidence and patience. Along with the other guests in the conference, we talked about the problems that everyone has encountered in developing their own business. Also another subject was about the market situation and its current specificity. We’ve talked about our plans for the future and the visions of this work invigorating and complex in same time.

There was lot of emotions since the audience addressed direct question I had to answer. But the experience was wonderful. It was nice to be with people who share the same passion, who want to turn their dreams into reality, or who have already succeeded.

First two and a half hours were like an eternity because of the emotions I felt. My all body was shaking since I’m not very comfortable with public speaking. But after a while I got back in my senses. Till the end of the conference that it seemed to me that they just flew away.

I use this chance to tank all the guest and also the the organizers #ClubCreativo, who invited us into the event. They made this experience possible and we hope there will be also a next time to fell good together.

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